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BUENA VIDA frozen avocado products

Mexican Hass avocado in your kitchen anywhere in the world


About us

We make the #1 selling guacamole in Mexico and proudly share it with the world

In Buena Vida Frozen we are advocates of excellence in quality and service. We proudly produce the best avocado products in the world with the great reward of solving avocado needs anywhere for our clients. 
Since 2015 we've been exporting the best frozen avocado products from Mexico to Asia, Europe, Oceania and North America. We also produce the leader guacamole brand in Mexico selling in retail stores nation-wide.



Frozen, simple, no waste

Produced in optimal avocado ripeness and quickly frozen.
Two year shelf life to guarantee cero waste.
Proudly made from mexican Hass avocado, the best in the world.

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Avocado pulp

#1 product

Delicious mashed avocados vacuum packed and frozen. 
Great for any avocado dish such as guacamole, avocado soup, avocado toast, used as an ingredient in any dish.
It´s just mashed avocados.



four different recipes, ready to serve

Prepared by us with love. Delicious guacamole recipes ready to serve and enjoy.



Avocado Halves
Avocado Cubes

Individually frozen and packaged together.
We offer Avocado Halves and Avocado Cubes ready to use in your kitchen.


Retail products

Your own brand and ready for retail

Any of our products can be packaged and ready for retail with your brand and packaging. We will gladly develop packaging with you. 

Our Buen Vida brand is also available for retail. 


We produce all of our products with the highest quality standards in the world

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I love the avocado pulp in my kitchen, is so easy to prepare our guacamole and serve as a side dish

Chef Martina Chavez

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Plaza Melchor Ocampo #30, Col. Cuauhtémoc, Mexico City 06500

+52 55 55118732

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